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Native acquisitiob for advertisers

Deliver your brand's message to relevant and engaged audiences through native placements on thousands of premium entertainment and lifestyle websites

Media Buyers

Have your page views and performance goals met

Affiliate marketers

Find the very right audience for your offers

Brand managers

Reinforce your brand

Online retailers

Improve conversions and boost your sales


  • Smart anti-fraud algorithms reinforced by in-house quality assurance department and robust Forensiq technologies
  • Easy-to-use real-time analytics and an intuitive dashboard
  • Effortless integration of stats into third-party analytical systems like Google Analytics
  • In-house conversion tracking system
  • In-depth targeting features - GEO, OS, browser, time targeting, state/country targeting, and a vast re-targeting arsenal

Native monerization for publishers

Integrate sponsored content or recommended products into the user's natural activity stream that does not alienate viewers with unwanted disruptive ads.

19 months
Widget Impressions

Native Monetization

  • 100% fill rate worldwide
  • Average RPM $1-3, with no upper limit
  • Clear and prominent disclosure
  • Monetization of all GEOs and devices

Internal Recirculation

  • Discover your most engaging articles
  • Self-optimizing recommendation algorithm
  • Recirculate traffic within multiple websites
  • Adaptive presets and full customization